Return Policy

CustomBoxesPlus advises customers to keep check on their shipment as soon as it is delivered from local courier. If there any damages it is customers’ responsibility to take clear images and inform local courier to take advantage of return policy. If your consignment is in mint condition you do not need to take any step. If client fails to inform the courier company in the given time frame then the Refund policy will be revoked and no charges or damages will be playable.

Refund Policy

To claim refund policy CustomBoxesPlus offers 3 working days. If you claimed your damages within 3 days, CustomBoxesPlus offers refund or reordering of boxes in case of damaged shipment. Our normal Refund time is 25 working days from the day refund policy is approved and processed. Failure to inform within 3 days will mean that the contract for refund or return policy is now void. This means that now you have to pay in full to do the reprint job for your boxes. Return policies only applicable when:

  • The product was right in a damaged position or condition 
  • The product you ordered was different from the product that is delivered to you. The proof sample was different from the actual product you receive.
  • The colors and artwork is not what you asked from us and it does not match your requirements.

We will require the digital image of damaged product to start refund and return policy within the given time frame.  If you found any suspect activity by client to receive the company then the return policy will be cancelled and we might take a legal action against the client.

Shipment Delays

we only account for shipment delays caused by our production department. CustomBoxesPlus will not liable for shipment delays that are out of our power. for example

Delete caused by natural disasters and weather conditions as his factors are beyond any human control. Please due to on certain conditions can hamper the supply and delivery chain and  can cause unspecified delays on manufacturing and shipping process.

  • Delay caused by the courier companies. Courier  companies give us an estimated shipping time which can be delayed due to their technical issues or any other uncertain condition.
  • Delays caused by custom clearance department on airports as most of our shipments are shipped via cargo/ air mail which are subject to custom clearance. Therefore any hindrance in the delivery due to custom department issues will not be compensated.
  • Delays caused due to wrong delivery addresses given by our clients.
  • Delay caused if a customer was unable to pick on the specified date.

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